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“I am very pleased with the laser beam welding at Albo laser d.o.o. – my item was expertly repaired the same day!”
- Janez M.

Laser beam welding

Merging different items into one entity is as old as mankind itself. An eternity has passed from when sticks and stones were combined to form spears, to today’s state-of-the-art welding techniques, enabling the production of high tech products. However, the philosophy behind it remained the same; to weld unusable half-products into a functioning entity.

Zgodovina laserskega varjenja


The origins of laser beam welding lie in the invention of the laser technology. The theoretical principles for a laser were established by Albert Einstein, already in 1917, but the first successful laser beam welding was carried out in the early 1990s. A real rise in the usage of this technology was recorded 2005 and since then the laser beam welding is an invaluable part of any industry.

Uporaba laserskega varjenja


Laser beam welding is used in virtually all the sectors of industry. It is widespread in automotive industry, tool-making industry, medicine as well as in high-tech companies. Laser beam welding is suitable for both large industrial companies and small craft shops. This type of welding produces strong, high quality welds that don’t oxidise and have a nice shine to them. Laser beam welding can also be combined with TIG welding.

Mobilno lasersko varjenje

Mobile laser beam welding

Mobile laser beam welding is a recent innovation in the market. It is mostly used in larger repairs, where the usual laser beam welding isn’t possible. Our specially trained welders operate the welding machine and they do their job responsibly, meticulously and quickly. Your manufacturing process is therefore quickly restored, minimising your losses.

Varilni stroji za lasersko varjenje


At Albo laser d.o.o., we use quality laser beam welding machines of a world-renowned manufacturer. The machines have great modularity, adjustability and accuracy and produce high quality welds. We also operate with a mobile laser beam welding machine, which enables great adaptation to clients’ needs.

Our business partners

Hidria d.o.o. Niko d.o.o. SIBO G. d.o.o. Difa d.o.o. Hiplex d.o.o. Alpmetal & co d.o.o. Krka d.d.

About us

Albo laser d.o.o. was founded in 2011, deriving from Bojan Volaj s.p. company. We strive to become the leading company in laser beam welding business in the region.



The company is located in the industrial zone Trata in Škofja Loka, near the railway station. This zone is situated only 20 km from Ljubljana and 10 km from Kranj and since it has excellent transportation access, we can operate all over the region.



We provide reliable service of high quality and that is why numerous companies wish to cooperate with us. We strive to minimise complaints, but in case we still receive any, we eliminate our mistake as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.



We have a highly motivated and specialised staff, with rich experience in the welding business and only with such a staff can we undertake even the most demanding projects, representing both professional and personal challenge.

Wish to contact us?

Albo laser d.o.o.
Kidričeva cesta 75
4220 Škofja Loka
Slovenia, Europe

T: +386 31 629 602

VAT number: SI49317261
Business account number:
SI56 0700 0000 1305 807
(opened at Gorenjska Banka d.d.)

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